Our Work


WITIN empowers women and girls via five focal areas:
1. Digital Skills Trainings
2. Digital Literacy & Online Safety Outreaches
3. Tech Leadership & Entrepreneurship Training Workshops
4. Stem Role-Modeling, Mentoring and Career Outreaches
5. Advocacy Efforts, Research  and Policy Engagements


Digital Skills for
Women & Girls

We  build women and girls with in-demand digital skills needed  to excel and transition into workforce.  Our trainings equip them with skills they need to build a sustainable career and livelihood as well as transform their communities . Young women are reskilled and upskilled.

Gender Transformative Education & Programming

Our approach towards Gender Transformative Education in STEM employs strategies to encourage within the learning environment; equality, inclusivity,  cultural diversity, intersectionality, communal engagements,   gender responsivity, linguistic tolerance while making learning fun for all.

Rural Women
Training & Inclusion Advocacy

We commit to supporting and empowering Women  and Girls in Rural and underserved communities through advocacy and provision of digital literacy skills. Rural women are mostly breadwinners of the homes and are very critical to food security in Africa. 

Training & Role-Modelling

We provide digital skills training  and tools to enable teachers groom girls to develop early interest in STEM and also prepare girls for the future of work.  Our trainings  equip teachers with 21st century skills.

Secondary Schools
Resources Support

We support schools in underserved and  low-income  communities with low cost  teaching resources to improve the quality of STEM education. This helps marginalized students participate equally in STEM learning

Researchers & Educators
Training & Mentoring

We organize workshops on  data analytics and open science to strengthen researchers and educators. We prioritize women to help close the research gender gap in STEM and Policy Making

Internet Governance
Inclusion Advocacy

We are passionate about having more women as active players of internet governance. For over a decade we have consistently hosted and participated in local regional and International Internet Governance Forums.

Climate Justice & 
Environment Sustainability

WITIN creates awareness and sensitize the public on environmental issues disproportionate affect  on vulnerable communities and future generations, and that addressing these issues requires a just and equitable approach.


WITIN through Policy Coalitions encourage telecommunications companies to develop gender-inclusive pricing plans and reduce the cost of data and devices. This is to enable affordable  and meaningful access.

Public Policy
Inclusion Advocacy

WITIN intensely advocate for fair female representation in public policy formulation. Women are encourages to participate in the process of identifying a problem, conducting research, and suggest potential solutions or intervention to inform policies.

Gender Based Violence

WITIN covers Gender Based Violence(GBV) Advocacy as part of our Online Safety efforts. We team up with NGOs working on GBV to speak to young women and girls during some of our outreaches.

Inclusion Advocacy

WITIN drives online safety campaigns  as part of her digital literacy outreaches. We focus on underserved communities who are frequently targeted by cybercriminals due to their limited digital literacy and resources. 

Data Science & AI
Research & Workshops

Data Science & Artificial Intelligence

We organize workshops on  data analytics and open science to strengthen researchers and educators. We prioritize women to help close the research gender gap in STEM and Policy Making



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