Climate Justice & Environment Sustainability


WITIN is dedicated to sensitizing the public about responsible and sustainable environmental practices, advocating for the preservation of our planet. Through direct engagement with thousands of organizations nationwide, we emphasize the imperative of adopting eco-friendly measures. Internationally, WITIN drives policy dialogues aimed at implementing environmentally sound reuse and recycling initiatives in developing nations.

Our efforts extend to raising awareness among vulnerable communities and future generations about the disproportionate impact of environmental issues, emphasizing the necessity of a just and equitable approach to addressing these challenges. WITIN conducts awareness campaigns in schools and rural areas, complemented by digital literacy programs, to ensure widespread understanding and action towards a greener future.

E-Waste Teaching aids for schools

WITIN’s project employs low-cost and environmental teaching resources such as open source softwares and use of discarded computers to educate children in slums, rural and remote communities. Re-use of old computers for hardware classes greatly reduces e-wastes which are dangerous to the environment;  saving carbon emission and energy.

Every system in the world must have “sustainability by design”. This 2020  e-Waste Hardware-Showpiece serves as excellent teaching and systems design model to be proposed to governments for  realization of the SDGs, as follows:
[SDG1,2]– poor people earn revenue from ewaste collection
[SDG3,6]– Harmful tonnes of wastes removed from environment
[SDG4]– Education of kids on ICT foundation, equality, inclusion, climate change and “sustainability by design”
[SDG5,8]-jobs for artists; showing gender equality
[SDG7]-Affordable and clean energy
[SDG 10,11,12,13,14,15].  Responsible Consumption and Production; Climate Action; Life Below Water; Life on Land