Grassroots Women Empowerment Through ICT (GWEIT)

Empowering women in rural and underserved areas through ICT

Ever seen a local pepper seller having a web site or a local meat seller having a domain name? Your answer will definitely be No. But not anymore! This is because Grassroots Women Empowerment Through ICT (GWEIT) with support of GNBO, an initiative of Women in Technology In Nigeria (WITIN) is changing all these.

They have come up with a programme aimed at empowering Nigerian Woman economically; addressing equity issues with regard to gender disadvantaged groups as well as those in the rural and underserved communities through the use of ICT and to give their businesses outstanding web presence.
It is quite obvious that in our society today, the disparity between the men and women folks in having access to basic Information and Communications Technology (ICT) services is a gross limitation to Nigeria’s quest of becoming a major economic bloc in the African sub-region.

These were the submissions of WITIN, at an interactive session with the media at the weekend. The association, which spoke through her Chairperson, Mrs. Martha Omoekpen Alade said Nigeria stands at great disadvantage if the observed disparities between women and men folks to basic ICT services continue in the country.
According to her, when women are empowered, a nation develops. She observed that an economically empowered and technologically competent Nigerian woman with increased participation in the civic, social, political and economic processes is critical to achieving a better society.Read Full Article

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